Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bridal Shower Game: Create Custom Crossword Puzzles

Create custom crossword puzzles to hand out at a bridal shower. Luckily websites like this one allow you to create crossword puzzles for FREE with your own clues and answers. Not sure what to put-try basic clues and answers like:
  • where did the bride & groom meet
  • age of bride when they met
  • their honeymoon location
  • where he proposed
  • where their first date was
  • who is her maid of honor?
  • type of ring she has
For bachelorette parties, you can always change the clues to something raunchier. (Age of bride's first kiss, how many dates they waited, etc)

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Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME! So great to find a free template! If you want more custom/professional designs, try - it isn't free, but it's super cheap for the custom work that you get!