Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Garden Inspired Bridal Shower Favors

Hosting the wedding shower with a garden theme? Every guest will love this flower inspired bridal shower favors. 

1.  Project Wedding has a great, easy DIY bridal shower favor-give each guest their own potted plant. Be sure to choose flowers that are in season.  The best part is that you can use the flowers as decoration for the shower too.  For a unique twist, try mini lucky bamboo plants

2.   Instead of actually giving out potted plants, why not give seeds that can be planted.  With personalized plantable seed card favors, the entire piece of paper can be planted leading to tasty herbs.   This can be more convenient for guests who have to travel for the shower.  You can find out how to make your own (sortof) on Don't Eat the Paste.  For an interesting take on these favors, make seeded paper bookmarks  seed matchbox favors, plantable seeded paper flowers, and seed packets with tea packets.                                                                                   

3.  Flowers don't have to be real to fit in with the theme-or to look stunning.  Look at the gorgeous Gerber Daisy favor boxes  which you can fill with candies, cupcakes, or cake for a favor.  You can find DIY versions of gorgeous bouquet flower favor boxes at  Once Wed and  and these summer inspired flower favor boxes.  These boxes are so beautiful that they can still be decoration even in the middle of winter.      


4.  Like in number three, the flowers don't have to be real to still create the "in the garden" effect.  Look at these towels wrapped up to look like roses -completely practical yet still pretty.  Or these rose soaps -for a DIY version head to Hearts, Hands, and Hope.                                                                                  

5.  Why not make your favors extra safe by going with something you know every guest loves? Chocolate!  Make chocolate covered roses for favors
or hand out chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bridal Shower Invites from Wedding Paper Divas

When we think of Wedding Paper Divas, we think of weddings of course-their invitations, save the dates, and thank you cards are gorgeous and perfect for so many different types of themes.  However, until recently we didn't realize how extensive their collection of bridal shower invitations are.

Among the gems:

Love this invite-how perfect for a bridal showers where the focus is on cooking.  The apron is just so cute. This is also part of a line where invites can be as low as $.69 each; granted you do need to order quite a few to get the .69 rate but it's still a great deal. 

Or look at this  unique bridal shower invitation-the die cut circle shape alone is unique and trendy. We love the happy couple on the front and the romantic words on the back.   This invite stands out though in a world of cutesy invitations.          

We also love this stunning silhouette of a kissing couple for a wedding shower invite. The design is simple and timeless and, of course, silhouettes are very trendy right now. 

This is just a sampling of the invites available from Wedding Paper Divas. We hope you consider thme for the shower you're planning. 

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Monday, February 27, 2012

FREEBIE: Printable Cherry Blossom Bridal Shower Invitations

Paper Glitter has a great free printable template: Cherry Blossom invitation and matching envelope. Originally used for a baby shower, the Cherry Blossom invites are perfect for bridal showers and are really trendy now. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bachelorette Party Game: Scavenger Hunts

Instead of leaving the bachelorette party to chance, many hosts put together a scavenger hunt of tasks and items for the bride to do or get. The idea is to have as much fun as you can and many of these scavenger hunt items are pretty much guaranteed to do that.

A few ideas to help you:
-Be safe! Set guidelines as to what you will do and be careful.  Don't put yourself in precarious situations.  Use common sense.

-Decide on if you want photos or not.  If you're taking pictures, decide ahead of time if the photos are going to be Facebook eligible or not. 

Most scavenger hunts are done in teams so you can split up and "compete" against each other. The prize can be anything-maybe drinks or the hotel room will be on the losers?  However, others do the scavenger hunt as one big group. 

Some sample ideas for a Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt:
  • Find an item with the groom's name on it
  • Take a picture with a newly married bride or couple
  • Call or visit a radio station and request "their song"
  • Collect condoms
  • Take a picture in the back of a cop car or on a fire truck
  • Find pennies from the bride and grooms birth years
  • Take a picture with a crying baby
  • See if you can get a guy to give up his boxers or briefs
  • Find a couple with the same name as the bride and groom
We've gone ahead and put together some FREE Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt printables for you. 

1) Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt
2) Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Version 2,
3) Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Version 3, and
4) Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Version 4

Feel free to use ours-we have 4 different ones to choose from.  Leave a comment if you have any ideas for scavenger hunts too! 

Please note that we are not responsible for how/if you use the scavenger hunts. They are only listed for entertainment purposes.  If you use them, you assume all legal responsibility for your actions.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Cupcake Bachelorette Party Flags

Pretty Chicky has a great freebie-DIY Bachelorette Party Cupcake Flags.  Each flag has a saying like so good, naughty, or sinful.  So cute and perfect for a bachelorette party!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bridal Shower Theme: Disney

Bridal Shower Theme:  Disney

Is your best friend Disney obsessed? Is she getting married at Walt Disney World (or wish she were)? Then a Disney themed bridal shower might be just what the bride needs.


Set the tone for the bridal shower with the invites. You want to know everyone whose invited to know that the bride can't get enough of Mickey.  The one to the left, a Disney Themed Bridal Shower Invite is the right combination of Disneyness and wedding. 

Or this cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse invite. Change the wording to reflect a bridal shower.

Looking for something even more customized-Etsy shop Ever After Printables can make a custom bride and groom illustration with Mickey Mouse ears to use in wedding shower invitations. 

You can go quite a few ways with food. Tea parties lend themselves quite nicely to Disney themes. 

Use a classic Disney Mickey & Minnie wedding cake topper for the bridal shower cake.  Make cupcakes and decorate them with Mickey Mouse candy confetti sprinkles or fondant Mickey Mouse cupcake toppers. We also love the Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired cake pops (shown on the left) from Mom's Cake Pops.

    There's many ways to go with a Disney bridal shower. Some will focus on the princess or fairytale theme.  Others will focus on one character like Tinkerbell, Cinderella, or Mickey Mouse.  You could have each table be something different too.  

    •  Create personalized T-shirts (or for that matter bags, mousepads, coffee mugs) with the bride to be's favorite Disney characters like Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbell.  For example, on the back, write "Bridesmaid" on them.
    •  Go with the princess part of Disney. Fill carriage boxes with candies like jelly beans.
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    Bridal Shower Etiquette: Invite Groom's Ex-wife to Bridal Shower

    Q: The groom was married before. Should we invite his ex-wife to the bridal shower?

    A: In this day and age of multiple marriages, dealing with ex's can be difficult.  This situation really depends.  If the groom and his ex are still close, and the bride feels comfortable, then inviting the ex-wife to the wedding is probably fine; however, it's best to steer clear and not invite an ex to the bridal shower. Chances are it would be too weird for everyone involved.