Bridal Shower Guide

What is a bridal shower?
A bridal shower is a party where the friends and family "shower" the bride with gifts that she'll need in her married life. 

When is it held?
Typically showers are held 3 weeks to 6 weeks before the wedding.

Where are showers held?
A shower can be held anywhere from a bridesmaid's house, a park, a country club, or a restaurant. Where it will be held will depend on the shower budget, number of guests, and food you would like to serve.

Who hosts the shower/pays for it?
Anyone can host a shower. Under tradition and etiquette, the Maid of Honor with the rest of the bridal party hosts and pays for the shower.  The family of the bride is not supposed to host the shower.

Who gets invited?
Any females who get invited to the wedding can be invited to the shower but the shower should be the bride's closest friends and family. Remember though that if someone is not invited to the wedding they shouldn't be invited to the shower. It's not necessary to invite all of the females who are attending the wedding either.

Food is expected to be served at the shower, but it is acceptable to serve anything from desserts to a full luncheon to a tea party.

It's expected for guests to bring gifts to the shower-in fact, a wedding shower is the only wedding-related event where guests are expected to give the bride gifts.  The bride opens the gifts at the shower.

Does a bridal shower have to have a theme?
A bridal shower doesn't have to have a theme but a theme can make the party look more put-together. Themes can decide what type of gifts to bring to the shower (i.e. a stock the bar shower), dictate the overall party, or just help with decorations. See our list of themes.

Do games have to be played at a shower or are they expected?
Bridal Shower games are great ice-breakers and a wonderful way for the guests to get to know each other. For ideas on what games to play, go to our games section.

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