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Bridal Shower Theme

Bridal Shower Theme List

Use our list to get ideas for themes for bridal showers. Themes can be one of several things-just for gifts, just for food, or more like a themed party. Remember that a bridal shower doesn't have to have a theme but a theme can help tie the event together.

Event-themed bridal showers rule the party-let the theme dictate the menu, decorations, and activities. Normally they don't run over into the gifts though.

Alice in Wonderland
Marie Antoinette
Gone with the Wind
Sex and the City

These type of bridal showers dictate what type of gifts the bride should receive. Example for the "around the house" shower, the guests will bring a gift dictated by the room given to them. A guest whose room is kitchen will bring a vastly different gift than one whose room was patio or bedroom.
Alphabet Every gift begins with the letter the guest is given. The letter C might bring a coffeemaker or china while the letter H might bring a hamper, hotplate, or Halloween decor.

Around the Clock The gifts are inspired by the time. A guest who gets 6 am might buy a coffepot while a guest who receives 10 pm might buy a nice set of bathrobes or a popcorn maker.

Around the House The gift is dictated by the room the guest gets. Think towels for the bathroom, pots for the kitchen, books for the library.

Christmas Shower Every gift will be inspired by Christmas! A great way for the new couple to deck the halls their first year. The bride will get holiday china, figurines, and ornaments.

Holiday Shower Much like above, only each guest gets a separate holiday to bring a gift for. For Christmas, ornaments; Thanksgiving, nice serving dishes; Cinco de Mayo, margarita glasses and mix.

Home and Garden Shower Tools needed to fix up the home and plants for the outside. It's the handyman's couple's dream shower!

Honeymoon Shower This shower is meant to celebrate where the couple will spend their honeymoon. Are they going to the beach-guests will bring towels, sunscreen, travel guides, sunglasses, and other necessities.

Lingerie Shower Exactly as it sounds. The bride can receive anything and everything from bathrobes, pajamas, to racy sets of lingerie and bustiers.

Pampered Bride (Spa) The shower for the bride who really wants bath and body products just for her.

Stock the Bar Guests bring items to stock the bar. Examples include glasses, accessories, wine, bottles of liquor.

Stock the Pantry Similar to the "stock the bar" theme, only this shower focuses on the bare necessities a kitchen needs. Guests are expected to bring recipes with the ingredients necessary to make them. End result-the bride has every staple and condiment known to man!

Here the menu dictates the theme. The theme doesn't have to have anything to do with the gift theme, if there is any at the shower.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

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