Friday, July 10, 2009

Bridal Shower Favors: Tarte Lipgloss

There's very few females out there who don't love Tarte cosmetics. We adore their natural cheek stain, bronzing leg stick, and basically everything else Tarte sells. Now, the genuises at Tarte have come up with a great bridal shower favor-customized lipglosses. Here's how it works:

1) Choose lipgloss duo(s) from our existing pairs. The cutest part-the lipgloss duos are named after famous couples-Adam & Eve, Tarzan & Jane, Danny & Sandy, Lois & Clark, etc.

2) Order 25 or more lipglosses. Here are the different discount options:
a. 25-50 orders: 40% off retail ($19/lipgloss duo)

b. 50-75 orders: 45% off retail ($19/lipgloss duo)

c. 75 and above: 50% off retail ($19/lipgloss duo)

3) Provide us with the first names of the couple-Dave & Dana, Cyn & Frank.

Orders must be placed a minimum of 90 days prior to the day the customized glosses are needed so keep that in mind.

The best part-these favors are sure to be ones that your guests will actually like. After all, this lipgloss won the Self healthy beauty awards 2005 best on-the-go lip gloss as well as the Redbook mvp beauty award 2005 best lipgloss award.

AND, they're eco-friendly. Some of the benefits include:
petro chemical free
paraben free
phthalate free
natural fragrance
gluten free
GMO free
preservative free
sulfate free

I can only imagine going to a shower where this was a favor. I think the guests would go crazy. What a great idea!

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