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Bridesmaid Duties: Your Duties in Detail

Bridesmaid: Your Duties in Detail

Curious as to what a bridesmaid does? This list is a short guide for the duties of the bridesmaid.


  • Bridesmaids are expected to give, assist the maid of honor in planning the shower, and pay for a bridal shower. In addition, they should be helping out with cleaning up and favormaking.
  • Bridesmaids should attend other bridal showers, like ones that the bride's mother or groom's mother may plan.

Bachelorette Party

  • Bridesmaids plan for and pay for the bride at the bachelorette party.

Other Pre-Wedding Parties

  • Bridesmaids typically attend the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Bridesmaids should attend the engagement party.

Other Pre-Wedding Duties

  • Go wedding gown shopping and give input as to the style, if it looks okay, what type of bustle the bride should have, etc.
  • Assist the bride with picking out the bridesmaid dresses, if she lets you.
  • Buy a bridesmaid dress along with the rest of the ensemble-shoes, jewelry, handbag, etc.
  • Assist the bride in putting together favors for the wedding, programs, decorations, etc.
  • Help the bride in addressing wedding invitations if you have good penmanship.

Day of Duties

  • Help the bride get dressed and ready. This is probably one of the biggest duties of a bridesmaid. Help her put on her dress, do her makeup, and give her drinks and food.
  • Help out the ushers by seating guests.
  • Hand out programs at the ceremony or bubbles, confetti, rice, or other props afterwards.
  • Walk down the aisle in the procession, and stand at the altar/stage along with the other attendants.
  • Stand in the receiving line, if requested by the bride.
  • Run last-minute errands if needed. On the day of the wedding, help with confirming catering and flower delivery times, meet and greet the ceremony officiant, and seeing to it that everything is going smoothly.
  • Be a second host at the reception; see that the guestbook is signed and that guests are dancing.
  • Help the maid of honor help the bride when she has to use the bathroom.

Keep in mind that the duties of the bridesmaid can be drastically different depending on the bride. If the bride has a groom who is very interested in wedding planning then the groom will probably help the bride pick out wedding invitations, go to cake-tastings, and help register for gifts.

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