Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Etsy Find: Lingerie Shower Invites by Crazy4Cards

Forget about those boring shower or bachelorette party invites. Take a look at this brilliant find from Etsy.

(Image via Etsy copyright 2008 Kimberly J Kittel)

These lingerie invites are too cute. The Bra is in the front of the card with the panty on the back of the card. To spice the card up, you can add fur to it. Don't worry-there's room to put all the details of the party on it. The price is alright too-just $14.75 for a set of 8. And with these invites, there's no way that the guests will question what the theme of the shower is-there can be no denying that this shower will not be focusing on pots and pans. :) Of course these don't have to be just used for bridal showers-they are also perfect for bachelorette parties. What a great way to let everyone know that the party will be a little naughty.

Crazy4Cards also makes these lingerie cards to use as cards. We love the Santa Baby Hot Hot Pink which would be a great accompaniment with your Victoria's Secret teddy. Frankly these cards are so cute that most of our hubbys wouldn't mind getting one on our anniversaries either.

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