Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bridal Shower Game: The Kitchen Gadget Game

The Idea: Now that the bride is about to be married, does she know what to do in the kitchen?

What you Need: Various kitchen gadgets

How to Play: Pull out one gadget at a time. The bride has to guess what the gadget does and/or what it's called. If the bride doesn't get it right, let the guests guess.

Variations: If the guest gets it right, you could let the guest keep it. Or for every gadget the bride gets wrong, have her chew gum or stuff marshmallows in her mouth-if she gets everyone wrong she could end up with a mouth full unable to talk.

Garlic Press
Mango Pitter
Nutmeg Grinder
Cirtus Zester
Apple Divider
Potato Masher

They're all available from Williams-Sonoma.

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