Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barbie Bridal Shower

Ah Barbie! The same doll we played with as little girls still has some of us longing for those days of Barbie and Ken and the Malibu beach house. After all, Paris Hilton had a Barbie themed 28th birthday party and Jessica Simpson was going to have one for her 29th birthday. Well, what do you do if the bride in your life LOVES Barbie? Throw a Barbie themed bridal shower.

Hello Bella Events just planned a gorgeous Barbie bridal shower. Actually they called it a Barbie-Que. Cute, huh! Honestly, this bridal shower is full of inspiration if you want a pink or girlie themed shower.

What we loved:
  • the shower was full of pink signature drinks, all named after Barbie of course. Think Barbie-tini, Pink Sangria, Barbie Bubbly (Pink Champagne), and Barbie Blush Wine.
  • the signature dessert table with a pink-fondant covered Barbie cake.
What a great bridal shower! It looks like the bride loved it.

1 comment:

Hello Bella said...

Thanks for featuring the Barbie shower on your blog! It was a very memorable event and definitely rekindled my long lost love of Barbie dolls!