Monday, July 20, 2009

Bridal Shower Game: Bridal Scattegories

What you Need:

Scraps of paper (something to write on)



List of topics

How to Play:

1) Make a list of words falling under various categories that all begin with the same letter.

2) Set the timer.

3) Before the timer goes off, the players must come up with words to fulfill the category that no-one else will have thought of.

4) Do each category separately as different rounds.

5) After the timer goes off, read the answers aloud. All players do this for each numbered item on the list.

6) Players get points for having words that no-one else thought of for that category.

Remember, the same player can't use the exact same answer more than once in a round.

For example if the category was wedding gown designers and the letter is A, guests could come up with Amsale, Alfred Angelo, Angelina, Anne Barge, or Anjolique. If one guest said Amsale and no other guest said Amsale, that guest would get a point for that answer.

Instead of a letter die, use the first letter of the bride, a combination of the bride & groom's, or the bride's monogram.

Possible Categories

  • Colors for bridesmaids dresses

  • Wedding dress designers

  • Cake flavors

  • Honeymoon locations

  • Destination wedding venues

  • Things you would bring to a honeymoon

  • Things newlyweds buy the first year of marriage

  • Character traits that make a good husband

  • Gifts you give at a wedding

  • Types of wedding favors

  • Things bride would need on the wedding day

  • Bad anniversary gifts

  • Popular wedding flowers

  • First Dance Songs

  • Popular wedding food
Sample Game A:
Round One: Things to Do at a Bachelorette Party
Round Two: Gifts you Give at a Wedding
Round Three: First Dance Songs
Round Four: Types of Food Served at Receptions

Sample Game B:
Round One: Popular Wedding Foods
Round Two: Honeymoon locations
Round Three:Things Bride need on the Wedding Day
Round Four: Popular Bridal Shower Themes

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