Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bridal Shower Game: Nearly Newlywed Game

Nearly Newlywed Game

Turn the classic TV game into a fun bridal shower one.  This game is particularly good for co-ed showers where you can ask both of them the questions at the same time.

Note: these questions are stereotypical so switch around to your actual couple's likes.

Questions for the Groom

1) What is the bride's favorite handbag/purse designer?

2) Within 3, how many shoes/sunglasses/purses does the bride own?

3) What's her favorite perfume? 

4) What's her most commonly used expression?

5) What celebrity does she remind you of the most?

Questions for the Bride

1) What color does the groom think looks best on you?

2)  What is his dream car?

3) What is the name of his fantasy football team?

4)  If he could have played any sport professionally, what would it have been?

5) What's his favorite beer?

Questions for Either

1) Who said I love you first? 

2) What would your partner say your last fight was about?

3) Who was late last?

4)  What was their favorite vacation?

5) How many children does the other want?

6) What would your significant other say was their favorite date?

7) Who takes longer to get ready in the morning/for a date?

8) Who hit on the other first?

9) You're at  a bar. What would your significant other order?