Friday, July 31, 2009

Guestbook Idea-Sign the Wine!

(Image via Myownlabels)
Miss Sunbeam from Weddingbee has an unique guestbook idea-have guests sign a 1.5 Liter bottle of wine! They're planning on having guests sign it at their wedding and then opening it for their anniversary.

While the Sunbeams are planning on using this for their wedding guestbook, we think it's a great idea for a bridal shower (or bachelorette party) guestbook. Not only is it creative and different, but its also practical-the bride gets a great bottle of wine to drink. This would be a great way to complement a wine tasting, a stock the bar shower, or any shower for the gal who loves her vino.

Our suggestions:
-Use a paint pen to write on the label. Try a sample label first to make sure the writing stays on the label.

-Customize the wine. No need to have a boring label-if this is a bottle they'll be keeping then make it one they'd want to keep. Try customizing the label-we love MyOwnLabels where you can choose from a variety of label styles and colors.

-It doesn't have to be wine. Try beer or other liquors like large bottles of vodka or rum.

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