Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bachelorette Party Dilemmas

Miss Mary Jane from WeddingBee had a dilemma: she went to a bachelorette party where, although she was younger than the bride in actual age, she felt out of place. Meaning the bride had a bouquet made of Blow-Pops and was encouraged by her friends to sell the lollipops to strangers with the line: “Suck for a buck?” And of course the bride was downing shot after shot all night. Needless to say, Miss Mary Jane ended up leaving with the older folks like the bride's aunts and mom by 11:30. Now Miss Mary Jane was questioning-did she do the right thing? Did she end up ruining the bride's good time by being a fly on the wall? Should she have stayed home?

These questions led us to thinking about the bachelorette parties all of you are planning: What should you do if one of the guest at the bachelorette party is obviously not having a good time.

Our suggestions:
  • Make sure guests know ahead of time how raunchy or naughty the party will be. Put it on the invitation or spread the word-you'd be surprised how people's definitions of parties or girls night can vary and you want the guests to know ahead of time how raunchy the party will be.
  • If you know that some of the females who will be going to the bachelorette party (or who the bride would like to be there) aren't the type to enjoy shot after shot of tequila or a strip show by Ivan the firefighter, then plan a different type of party. A bachelorette party does not have to involve hangovers.
  • At the party, try to get all of the guests involved. It's possible that some of the guests don't know each other or need ice-breakers.
  • Planning a two-part party is a great idea. Have something like drinks and dinner and save the clubbing part for later on in the night.

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