Friday, July 31, 2009

Etsy Find: Nature Favors Bird Seed Favors

(Image via Etsy-Naturefavor)

Another great Etsy find. We love Etsy and our latest find is no exception. Take a look at the store of Nature Favors. The line of eco-friendly creative favors is incredible.

Like the favor shown above-the Heart Shaped Birdseed Wedding Favors. Aren't they just the cutest? Plus, they're eco-friendly, and hand-made exclusively from all natural ingredients. A loop is made from hemp twine and is formed at the top of each heart, allowing you to display them as a yard decoration in the location of your choice. The price is also easy to swallow too-just $24.95 for 25 or 50 for $49.95. Nature Favors also makes FREE custom tags to go along with the favors.

Their suggestion for a centerpiece: use flower pots to hold tree branches and then hang these bird seed hearts on them for decorations. Place a note at each centerpiece to tell your guests to take one home to feed the birds. Use them to decorate individual place settings, put them in handmade baskets to hand out as favors, or even use as napkin holders.

These would be so perfect for every bridal shower but especially a cute garden party. Of course they would also be great for a wedding. Nature Favors also makes duckie bird seed favors for baby showers and earthbloom favors in a variety of shapes for bridal showers and weddings, too. I could see myself using these as favors for everything-they're that cute!

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Anonymous said...

I ordered these and they arrived with mold on them. They replaced them 3x and everytime they arrived with mold. I finally cancelled my order and purchased something else. Very cute, but not worth the stress and hassle. If you order them too early you have to freeze them.