Monday, August 3, 2009

Wearing your bridesmaid dress again...

Ah, the legendary bridesmaid dress. Now, it seems as though every bride loves to tell us-"oh don't worry. You can definitely wear it again. The $400 will completely seem worth it after the 3rd wedding." And as nice as the dress is, how many times are we going to wear that chiffon full-length dress in Jade. Chances are-zero!

And of course this problem is not limited to bridesmaids-the brides often have a difficult time deciding what to do with their once beloved gown. Sherry from Young House Love decided to forgo popular advice and came up with a solution-dying her wedding gown black. You can read all about her adventure here.

After reading her story, dying a bridesmaid gown could be a good idea. Our advice:
  • Don't try it on a gown that you really want to wear again. If the dress gets ruined, chances are there's no way of salvaging it.
  • Read up on dying at All about hand dyeing and Rit Dye.
  • All the online advice says not to try to dye a polyester dress.
Consider a professional dying service like DyePro Services.The prices start from $45 to dye an unlined dress while lined dresses start at $75. Others include Spectrum.

Our warning-we are not legally liable for any damage that results to our dress. Attempt and DO at your own risk.

We just might try it. After all, we weren't going to wear this dress ever again anyway.

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