Friday, August 14, 2009

Bridal Party FAQ: Does a pregnant bridesmaid have to step down?

Q: I just found out that I'm pregnant and at the time of the wedding I'll be 7 months pregnant. What should I do? Should I step down or continue to be a bridesmaid?

A: Congrats on being pregnant! Just because you're pregnant does not mean that you cannot be a bridesmaid. Some considerations:

-Will you be able to travel to the wedding? Depending on where the wedding is, you might be unable to fly or might feel uncomfortable taking a 12 hour drive when you're eight months pregnant. You might want to ask your doctor about future travel arrangements.

-The actual ceremony can be concern too. Will you be standing for an hour long ceremony or can you ask the bride to provide a chair for you?

-Does the dress concern you? Many bridesmaid styles are available in maternity sizes so it should not be too difficult to find a dress that fits you.

-Does the bride want you to continue to be in the bridal party? Most brides will but some brides feel uncomfortable having a heavily pregnant bridesmaid in photos or at the wedding. If you think the bride cares about silly matters like this, then give the bride a chance to have you back down.

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