Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

Excited but nervous about planning the bachelorette party? Have no fear-our checklist will keep you on track and help the party go smoothly.

3+ Months Before

  • Decide what type of bachelorette party the bride wants. Completely X-rated? A weekend at the Bellagio in Vegas? A day at the Spa at Four Seasons? A lingerie shower in the bridesmaid's living room?
  • Set the date-usually bachelorette parties are held on a weekend one to two weeks before the wedding. Keep in mind though that destination bachelorette parties are often held earlier (to ease the financial pain for most guests) and likewise if lots of the guests are from out-of-town then the party might have to be the day before the wedding.
  • Create the guest list. Bridal party gets invited as do other close friends of the bride. Don't invite those who aren't invited to the wedding.

2 Months Before

  • Start seeing if there's any conflicts with the party date. Easiest way-send e-mails or make phone calls. During wedding season, weekend dates book up so expect that many guests will say they have another wedding and other parties to go to.
  • Start putting together a list of possible party games-keep it a surprise for the bride.
  • Make reservations, order tickets, and start putting together all of the lodging and party transportation details.

1 Month Before

  • Send invitations. Emailing and calling are acceptable too. Make sure your invitation lets guests know how much they will be paying for the party.
  • Put together an itinerary of the night's festivities. Example, manicures at 5, followed by dinner at Buddakan, then drinks at Swanky Bubbles.
  • Figure out transportation. Drinking and driving are a no-no. Decide who will be the designated driver or arrange for a limo or taxicabs to transport the group around.

1 Week Before

  • Confirm all arrangements-all RSVPS, transportation, entertainment.
  • Pick up the accessories like the veil or tiara or the other props your group wants.
  • Finalize the list of the games and activities throughout the night.

1 Day Before

  • Remind guests of the meeting places and times.
  • Get ready to have fun.
Keep in mind-this checklist is a starting off point.
  • If you're planning on a weekend (or week) in Napa Valley or Cancun, then allot for more planning time to allow everyone to save up money, take vacation time from work, etc.
  • In certain cities, allow extra time for reservations. Even two months ahead of the date might not be enough time to get a table for 12 on a Saturday night.
  • Same with transportation arrangements. Limos and party buses fill up quickly during prom and wedding season.
  • Before planning, it's a good idea to get an idea of how much people are willing to spend. Many potential guests might only be assuming that the night will be just dinner-or only have the funds to pay for a nice dinner. Before doing all the planning, ask the guests what they expect or take your cue from your group's last bachelorette parties.
  • Get money ahead of time. Trying to get cash that night is hectic plus some guests won't have all of the money.

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