Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bachelorette Party Etiquette: Bridesmaids Underage/Under 21?

Q: What do we do we do when planning a bachelorette party when some of the bridesmaids are under 21? How should we include them?

A: A bachelorette party doesn't have to center around getting drunk. You can still have a bachelorette party with those under 21.

-Consult with the bride to find out how involved she wants her underage bridesmaids to be in in her bachelorette party. Some brides are fine with their bridesmaids missing a night out of partying. Others can't think of a having a last night out without their closest friends, sisters, or cousins.

-Come up with nontraditional bachelorette party ideas that the underage girls can still attend. There's lots of activities that the under-21 crowd can still enjoy-spa day, nice dinners out, cooking classes, outdoor activities like kayaking or beach trips.

-Consider having a half and half party where the under-21 girls can go out for a day of shopping and food, but leave after dinner so that the rest of the females can enjoy cocktails. Or plan two separate bachelorette parties-one for the under-21 crowd and one for the adults.

-Word of caution-Don't encourage the underage girls to drink alcohol. It's a a bad idea and there can be legal reprecussions for those who give them the alcohol.

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