Friday, July 10, 2009

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Shower For a Bride's SECOND Wedding?

Q: The bride's getting married for the second time. What should we do? Should we still throw her a bridal shower?

A: From traditional etiquette standpoints, no. A bride doesn't get a chance to double-dip or to have another go-around on gifts. However, today's etiquette is more relaxed and recognizes that many of us are going to be going to weddings that are the second (or third or fourth) of our friends and family.

Guests invited to the bridal shower of the first wedding are not supposed to be invited to the bridal shower of the second wedding. If they are invited, they are not expected to bring a gift. It is presumed that since they already gave a gift at the first shower then they don't have to give one for the second. Of course many close friends and family members will still want to bring a gift and will want to come to any showers, so many choose to skip this part of the etiquette rules.

• Keep in mind that for the second wedding, the bride is likely to be older and has most of the essentials already. As a result, a themed shower like Stock the Bar, lingerie, or pampered bride are a better bet.

• Be sure to make sure that the bride wants to have a shower or a big shower. Many second-time brides don't want to have a big shower or don't want to have a traditional shower.

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