Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cost of Being a Bridesmaid-$1000 and up!?

Now that you've been asked to be in a wedding, you might be wondering what costs you are expected to incur and how much being in your best friend's wedding will run you.  According to BrideTide in 2009, a single bridesmaid can expect to spend $1009 on wedding related expenses.  A simple breakdown:

Bridesmaid Dress-In the US, most bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own bridesmaid dress.  Obviously dresses range in price-one from David's Bridal might run from $100 to $150 while one from Vera Wang might run closer to $300 and up . After you buy the dress, expect to have alterations done which can vary in price but will most likely be another $50 to $100.  The Wedding Report says the average bridesmaid spent $178 on a dress in 2009 and $56 on alterations.

Dress Accessories-Those matching satin clutchs in mermaid? The dye-able shoes to match the fuschia gowns you're wearing? The new strapless bra?  Accessories don't come cheap and most bridesmaids can expect to spend around $100 (at least) on them.

Bridal Showers-Even if you're throwing lunch or a casual party in someone's house, throwing a shower does cost money. Tea at the Four Seasons will obviously run more than a dessert shower at the Maid of Honor's house but there are invites, food, and favors to consider with a shower.

Bachelorette Parties-Whether you're doing drinks at the local dive bar on karoake night or heading to Vegas for a three-day weekend, bachelorette party guests pay their own way and pay for the bride.  Depending on what you and the rest of the bridal party decide to do, bachelorette parties can vary widely in price.

Gifts-We've left out the gifts until now. Figure on a gift for the engagement party, bridal shower and wedding.

Travel-Much like with regular weddings, there is often a traveling cost to weddings.  Unless the wedding is in your town, expect to pay for transportation and hotel rooms. Of course, since you're a bridesmaid you are expected to be at the rehearsal dinner and morning after brunch (if there is one) which means you're probably looking at a two-night hotel stay.

Day of Wedding-Expect to pay for hair and makeup the day of the wedding. Updo's can be expected to be around $60, although prices vary depending on the area you live in, length of hair, and style you want.

Of course, costs of being a bridesmaid vary depending on the wedding and bride.  For one wedding, the bride searched for $35 clearance bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal, didn't want a bridal shower, and had a night at a local bar for her bachelorette party making it extremely cheap to be her bridesmaids.

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