Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bridal Shower Inspiration: Colorful Dessert Bar

Dessert bars are huge right now and can easily take the place of food for the entire bridal shower. That's why we were so excited to see this dessert bar from the talented Kelly Porter.
(All images are copyrighted Porter House Designs.)
A few tips from her beautiful dessert bar:

-Look for creative dessert plates, candy jars, and other knick-knacks at local antique shops, salvation stores, and thrift stores. For most themes, not matching is a good thing. Candy and desserts usually look best when you take different size containers and use them.

-After finding a ruby red cake plate, Kelly placed it on top of one that she already owned to create a delicious cupcake and cookie tower. Interested in creating your own cake stand this way-try this DIY tutorial found here.

-Kelly was inspired by a colorful sarong which she used for a tablecloth. She then added personal touches and, even more color, with scrapbooking paper and ribbon.

To see more of this dessert bar, head to Porter House Designs.

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Peter Sticha said...

Along with a colorful desert bar, this is beautiful by the way. A bride can add to this display with matching shower invitations and shower favors for her guests to take home. Brides can just let there imagination run wild, make it as fun as possible.