Sunday, February 21, 2010

Real Showers: A "Chocolat" Chocolate Shower

Wow. This bridal shower that the author of the blog More than an Army Wife threw for her sister is great... and full of ideas for all of us.

The bridal shower was inspired by the hit movie Chocolat. Chocolate was the theme and they carried it out in every way.

The venue was Moon Dancer Vineyards & Winery in Wrightsville, Pa. Look at the photo above to see the gorgeous venue. The winery describes its building as a "French Country Chateau" which really sets the stage for a shower inspired by a movie that is set in a "quiet little village in the French countryside."

The menu was chocolate inspired with items like:
Vegetable Display with Chocolate Yogurt Dip
White Chocolate Ambrosia Salad
Chocolate Soup with Mascarpone Brioche Sandwiches made with honey and cream cheese
Panini with Chocolate and Brie
Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries, Pineapples, Bananas, Pretzels, and Marshmallows

A chocolate candy buffet was a huge hit.

Even the games were chocolate inspired. They played four games: "How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom?" quiz, "Guess the Candy Bar" taste test, "How Many Kisses Are In the Jar?" guessing game, and a version of "Don't Forget the Lyrics". Of course, the prizes related to chocolate and included a fondue pot, a chocolate making kit, and a chocolate spa set.

The highlight for most showers is the cake and this cake is no exception. Made by House of Claredon the bottom layer was chocolate cake with dalmation mousse filling (vanilla mousse with chocolate chips), the middle layer was french vanilla cake with chocolate mousse and the top layer was chocolate cake with Bailey's Irish Cream mousse. Sounds delicious.

For favors, the guests were lucky enough to get white chocolate covered fudge Oreo cookies with photos of the bride and groom, bride and groom chocolate miniatures, and copies of the movie Chocolat.

To top off the event, in addition to gifts, all of the guests were asked to bring their favorite chocolates for the bride. What a nice treat for the bride.

To see more of this shower, head over to More than an Army Wife.

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