Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bridal Shower Games: Couples Games

Whose Kiss?

What You Need 
  • Blindfold
  • Guests!

How to Play 
  • Blindfold the bride.
  • Have each male guest kiss the bride on the cheek-announce a number for each guy so the bride can keep track.
  • The bride has to guess which male is her groom!
Variation: Reverse the game and have the girls kiss the groom.

Who What?
What You Need
  • Bride & Groom
  • Drinks/Signs
How to Play
  • Ask the bride and groom who is going to handle several household chores or who is more likely to do certain things. Have them sit back to back so they can't see each other.
  • The bride and groom have to each have 2 signs-one that says her, one that says me and one that says him, one that says me. As an alternative, you can give each of them 2 drinks-one standing for themselves and one being for their partner. (Think beer for him, martini for her.)
  • Ask a variety of questions like:
    Who is going to take out the trash?
    Who is doing the dishes?
    Who is most likely to be late to dinner?
    Who would rather stay home on a Saturday night than go out?
    Who will mow the lawn?
  • If the couple both get the answer right (i.e. they both answer the groom will do it,) the couple gets a point. If not, they each have to take a drink or do something embarrassing if you're using signs.

Almost Newlywed Game
What You Need
  • Guests!
How to Play
  • Before the shower, ask the bride and groom questions about each other like Who is doing the dishes?
  • At the shower, split the group into teams.
  • Ask the questions and see if the teams can guess what the couple answered.

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