Friday, July 2, 2010

Cash Only Bridal Showers?

Q:The bride and groom haven't registered anywhere-they don't want any gifts for the wedding and only want cash. Since the bride hasn't registered, should we still have a bridal shower or is it rude?

A: Cash only wedding showers are considered rude. Many guests feel that if the bride doesn't want gifts then she shouldn't have a bridal shower since the bridal shower is the only wedding occasion when guests are EXPECTED to give gifts. Besides the actual shower would be boring-"Thanks Aunt Theresa for the fifty. Thanks Karen for $35. "
  • If the couple really don't need anything, then think about a specific theme shower, like stock the bar or lingerie. The bride might not have been thinking of items like that when she didn't register.
  • Don't put cash-only on the shower invites. It's incredibly rude-if you decide to throw her a shower anyways, let the guests ask you where the couple is registered and then you can tell them that you think they just want money.
  • Don't have a shower at all.  Showers are for gifts-if the couple really don't need or want anything, then skip the shower. 


Kathrina said...

I think its not a good idea in my opinion to do a cash only shower. That would be boring. I was just looking around blogs for good card making ideas then I stumble upon this blog and I think I'm getting good insights for my own wedding. Thanks!

Kate said...

I disagree. There are lots of ways to make a shower fun when it doesn't involve opening gifts, you just have to get a little creative!

If you think it's rude to ask people for cash (which I think you may find people on either side of the fence about) then don't. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a shower at all.

The shower is meant to celebrate the bride on her own before the big day and give the ladies of both families as well as the friends of the bride a chance to get to know each other and celebrate together.

You can always have a "no gifts" shower where people won't feel obliged to bring anything. Just mention it in the invitation and plan some more activities during the shower itself. How about a wine-tasting party? A spa shower or a luncheon? There are lots of choices that will give you lots to do beside gifts.

Then again, that's just one person's opinion,(who doesn't find cash-only showers rude), so take it as you wish.