Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sex and the City Bridal Shower Invitations

Sex and the City remains one of our favorite TV shows.  Of course, one of our most-viewed posts is on planning a Sex and the City shower but recently we've given a ton of comments asking for more invitations that perfectly set the tone for this type of fete.

This Martini themed bridal shower invite is ideal for a SATC shower.  Did Carrie go one episode without a Cosmo? Didn't think so.  

Go obvious with the NYC theme.  The ladies loved Manhattan and if your bride does too then celebrate it with this New York Skyline invite

Carrie wasn't the typical bride so skip a "typical" bridal shower (or invitation for that matter.) These chic modern cocktail party shower invites are just the trick-nothing too girly or frilly for Mrs. Big.  

Or celebrate the girls love of Manolos and Jimmy Choos with this stiletto bridal shower invite. 

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