Monday, June 15, 2009

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Groom's Mom & Family Invited?

Q: The bride doesn't like the groom's family. Is it necessary to invite the groom's sisters and mother?

A: Etiquette says that mothers and sisters of the bride and groom are to be invited to all showers. However, they do not have to buy presents for each and of course can decline the invitation(s.)

It is difficult to invite someone to the bridal shower if you know the bride can't stand them. However, consider that not inviting them to the shower could (and probably would) make life very difficult for the bride. Inviting the groom's family to the shower is a great way to help bridge the gaps.

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FireFlyNad said...

I agree, its a great way to bring peace into the family before the big day. You could always have two showers - one with your family and one with the groom's family. You don't have to invite them to your bachelorette party.