Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bridal Shower Game: How old was the bride here?

The Idea: Can the bride's closest friends and family guess her age in photos?

What you Need:
Board (something to hang the photos on)

Photos (8 to 10)-number the photos

How to Play: For this game, take pictures of the bride at various ages (ex. two years old, dance recitals, dances, last week) and pin them to a board. The guests have to guess her age in each picture and write it down. Place or hang the board where guests will see it when they walk in. This one will definitely inspire ohh and ahhs as the guests see photos of the six year old bride to be.

Of course most bridesmaids will be sure to put some embarassing photos of the bride in there-maybe a Halloween in college or her bachelorette party.

Variation: Place the photos on a piece of paper and have the paper copied. Pass around the papers.

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