Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alfred Angelo's New Eco-friendly Bridesmaid Dresses

Popular wedding designer Alfred Angelo has recently unveiled a new line of eco-friendly dresses called Purely Alfred Angelo.  The premise of the "Purely" collection is wear again bridesmaid gowns in eco-friendly fabrics like silk and cotton.  

More details aren't given about how the gowns are eco-friendly-are they made with organic fabrics?  Are the dyes better for the environment?  Are they made in America in sweatshop free conditions? Unfortunately more information is not given on the Alfred Angelo website but this is definately a great start for the wedding industry.

As for the gowns themselves, there are a few creative, non bridesmaidy ones which be both good and bad. (Don't expect anything too fashion forward here.) The bad-those brides who want black-tie traditional full-length dresses won't find any in this collection.  In addition, right now the color choice is limited-you won't find the full range of Alfred Angelo bridesmaid color choices. Most of the colors right now are better suited for a spring or summer wedding, although one would expect more colors and styles to be added for fall and winter.

However, brides who want shorter, cocktail length dresses have a few choices like the one shown above.  The one above (Purely Alfred Angelo Style 7111) shown in feather blue plaid is a darling cocktail length plaid dress in an eco-friendly silk duponi plaid that would be striking at casual summer weddings.  The dress is available in sizes 0 to 18, 16W to 30W, 8JB to 14JB for under $250.   
Another great choice in the collection is the dress pictured above Purely Alfred Angelo Style 7109. This dress is an eco-friendly cotton sateen cocktail length halter dress that would be easy to wear again. This one is available for under $200 and is also available in sizes 0 to 18, 16W to 30W, 8JB to 14JB.  It's available in five colors.

So far the collection is a great start-hopefully more designers start making eco-friendly dresses for bridesmaids.

(All photos are copyrighted images of Alfred Angelo)

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