Friday, March 26, 2010

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording

While the wording of bachelorette party invites is not as etiquette sensitive as wedding invitations (how to address one of the parent's as being deceased, how to address step-parents), bachelorette party invites still should include some vital information.

Itinerary-Give a run-down of the expected events for the bachelorette party. This also helps guests know what type of party it is (a spa weekend, a rowdy party of drinks and dancing).  List events, meals, games, accomodations - with check-in time, and transportation options.

Sample Itinerary
2 pm Meet us for manis at Blue Mercury Spa
6 pm Dinner at Carmine's 
$75 per person includes open bar of wine & beer, choice of entree, and salad
10 pm Meet us at Providence Nightclub for drinks & dancing

Costs-Guests already know for the bachelorette party that they are expected to pay for themselves and, of course, pay for the bride. However, it's a good idea to give guests an idea of how much the shindig will cost. $20 cover for the club? $55 per person for a limo or party bus to take you around? This lets guests know how much cash to bring. Not sure how much everything will cost-put in the invite that "remember we're paying for Rachel so bring some extra cash too!"

Tip: Put in the invite or e-mail that costs may change. If two girls drop out at the last minute, you don't want the other guests to be shocked that they now owe more.

Attire-Is everyone wearing those "Sarah's Bachelorette Party" shirts or does the club you're going to demand little black dresses? Let all of the guests know so no-one shows up in flip-flops or other club no-nos.

Gift-giving Parties-Are you planning on hosting a lingerie shower as part of the festivities? Be sure to let guests know so they bring gifts along. (Otherwise, leave gifts out of the invite wording.)

RSVP-Do you need to make reservations for dinner, shows, or any other form of entertainment? Chances are, you do. Let guests know when to RSVP by and if they have to pay any costs ahead of time (i.e. the deposit for the limo.)

X-rated-Planning something a little naughty to end the night with? You need to let guests know to expect X-rated entertainment in case some guests are offended or uncomfortable with the idea of something risque.

Sample Invite
BRIDE is tying the knot! 
Join us for one last weekend of fun.

Lodging. We are booked in a suite at the ________________. Check in is at 2:00 PM so feel free to show up on Saturday any time after 2. The total cost for two nights is $800. Right now we have six confirmed attendees, which means that each girl will owe $160.

2 pm Manis at Blue Mercury Spa
6 pm Dinner at Carmine's  ($75 per person includes open bar of wine & beer, choice of entree, and salad)
10 pm Providence Nightclub for drinks & dancing

11 am Brunch at House of Blues ($35 per person)


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