Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bridal Shower Idea: Make Your Own Floral Arrangements Classes

Finding unique bridal shower or bachelorette party ideas is never easy which is why we were thrilled that 100 Layer Cake featured this DIY Bodega Flowers class.  The idea behind this class is simple: most of us don't know how to arrange flowers and yet buying professional arrangements on a daily basis is expensive so the brilliant ladies at Blossom & Branch came up with this class to teach women how to shop for and clean/prepare and arrange flowers all using their own containers.  This class featured roses, tulips and carnations with the savvy instructor showing all of the guests how to transform them into stylish arrangements.

This would make a great bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just a plain ole' girls night out. 

Want to do it? Here's how.

Get an instructor. Don't live in the NYC area? Don't worry-you can find floral instructors throughout the country. Contact local florists and ask if they're willing to teach you and your friends for a class.  Many community colleges have floral arrangements classes-contact the instructor.

Or try the Flower Party-in-a-Box by the floral geniuses at Flower Duet which includes a How to Create a European Wrap Bouquet DVD to instruct you and your guests, flower recipes, floral cutters for every guest, and to-go vases. No instructor required! The image below is one of the gorgeous floral centerpieces you can learn to make from the DVD.
 Image copyrighted-FlowerDuet

No need to decide what to give out. At this party, the flowers serve as the favors. 

Keep the supplies simple (and cheap). Ask the instructor what she recommends, although you might want to ask her to purchase the flowers for you at wholesale prices or give her an idea of what your price range is.To keep costs down, go for in-season flowers and look for farmer's markets or wholesale florists where you can buy the flowers in bulk. We suggest tulips, gerbera daisies, stargazer lilies, and roses.

Don't want the floral arrangements to be the entire party? Take our suggestion from before and have as favors a floral potluck.  With a floral potluck, keep bunches of flowers available for guests to make their own arrangements.

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