Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real Showers: Sex and the City Bridal Shower

It's hard to believe that  Sex and the City has already been off the air for years because it remains our of our generation's favorite shows.  And of course it makes a great theme for bridal showers-fun and flirty.  This Sex and the City bridal shower looks like it was a ton of fun.

Set the tone-The invites asked everyone to dress as a character from Sex and the City to get the guests in the mood.  Then at the shower, stickers that said "I'm a Charlotte," "I'm a Samantha,"etc. so that the guests could pick and stick on the one that fitted them the most. For decorations, there were ZookHooks purse hangers scattered about, an official Sex and the City movie poster on the sliding door viewable from the outside tent and tables, bright flower table cloths, pink roses and pink, silver and black balloons anchored by sexy pumps and stilettos.

The Food-What else would you expect from a SATC party then cocktails and cupcakes? For drinks they had a fountain bubbling out pink lemonade and vodka, which looked like Cosmopolitan’s when poured into a martini glass. (They avoided actual Cosmo's since the shower was during the day.) Wine and liquor bottles were also out and  had flower designed Wine-O cards around their necks for added decoration.  For dessert, Magnolia cupcakes and ones from Sweet were featured.

The Favors-This bridal shower featured a ton of favors-what a way to make the guests feel special. The first favor-Cosmopolitan jelly beans in a cool tin from Beau-coup Wedding Favors.  Yum-jelly beans that taste like Carrie's favorite drink! Next up was the ZookHooks quality purse hangers that were used as table decorations.  The next favor was lip balms from Pin Up Balm which feature vintage designs with a glamorous retro pinup girl on it.  Then, the guests were lucky enough to get a mini martini gel candle and a chic leather stiletto key chain.Love how the favors incorporated the SATC's girls favorite things-alcohol, makeup, and shoes!

Thank-you Gifts-The bride used her shower to give her bridesmaids a special thank-you! The gift-personalized bow pads from Good Thoughts Paper Co with their names on it and a Thank You written by the bride.  What a nice gesture from the bride.

What a beautiful bridal shower. To see even more, see Tara's blog at When Tara Met. To find out how to do your own Sex and the City shower, read our guide.

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TaraMetBlog said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the pics from my SATC shower :) It was a lot of fun and I loved the theme as it was easy to carry throughout the whole thing from the food, decor, gifts and shower games.