Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unique Bridal Shower Guestbook or Decoration-Postcard Banner

Image copyrighted-Design Sponge
After seeing this amazing postcard banner from Design Sponge, I began thinking that this could be a great guestbook idea or decoration for a shower too.  All of the instructions can be found here.  (It's a different variation from the lingerie ones people use at lingerie showers.)

So many ways to use this idea!  Some ways:
  • Use photos (the engagement photos, wedding pictures if the party is post-reception, photos of the bride when she was young) as postcards. Or try vintage photos of the couple's relatives.  (Try Zazzle where you can add your own or use pre-designed ones.) 
  • Use postcards of where the couple is planning on honeymooning or getting married if its a destination wedding.
  • If you're collecting recipes for the bride, use the recipe cards for the banner.
  • Have guests sign the cards/photos/postcards and use it as a guestbook for the shower. Just hang it up later after everyone has signed it.

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postcard printing said...

This idea is so perfect for a vintage or travel wedding theme! You can save a lot of money with DIY decorations such as this, especially since postcards are so cheap. I like the idea of postcards with pictures of the bride and groom, but I also love the look of the handwriting and stamps on the back. Maybe postcards could be placed in the invitations as RSVP cards, and the bride and groom could ask for a simple well-wishing written on the back.