Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bachelorette Party Planning: Holiday GoLightly

Need to plan a bachelorette party or any girls weekend getaway for say your best friend's 30th (or 28th or 32nd) birthday or a reunion of your best college buddies? Well one travel agency has made planning girlfriend getaways nice and easy.

Holiday GoLightly was designed for destination girl getaways. The site makes it easy to choose where to go based on the theme you want, destination of choice, or the main activities you want to do while there. For theme what do you think the bride has always dreamed of-a fun in the sun beach bachelorette party where she can lounge around and learn how to surf in the gorgeous paradise that is O'ahu North Shore? Or has the lucky bride been dying to sample the cuisine from Chicago or Seattle? Or maybe her dream party involves shopping, festivals, wine tasting, or skiing? Either way Holiday GoLightly has got you and your group covered.  After choosing a destination, you can select activities to customize the trip.  Out with the scenic bike tour, in with the wine tasting.

Best of all, they takeover the planning process. Okay, maybe some of you enjoy it, but for the other 99.8% of us who have to balance work and the 18 gazillion other things going on, planning a destination bachelorette party can be tough. Instead, give it to Holiday GoLightly and let them handle the planning, including the extras so you can customize the trip to how you and your girls really want it.

Holiday GoLightly also has great extras to check out too.  Check out the Airport Spa Directory for ideas on where to get manis and massages before your next flight.  And the packing list will help you on your next trip anywhere-I swear they've thought of everything you could possibly need.

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