Monday, April 12, 2010

Invite the Bride's Co-workers to Bachelorette Party?

Bachlorette Party Etiquette
Q:We're putting together the guest list for the bride's bachelorette party and are wondering should we invite the bride's co-workers?

A: For both bachelorette parties and bridal showers, it's fine for the bride to have a say in the guest list.  This might be even more important with a bachelorette party.  Depending on what activities you're planning on doing and how close the bride is with her co-workers, the bride might or might not want her co-workers to be there.  The bride might be fine with her co-workers being at her bachelorette party if you're doing dinner and drinks, but might feel awkward at having her cubicle mates see her grinding with an exotic dancer.  (Remember also that guests shouldn't be invited to a bachelorette party if they're not invited to the wedding so if her co-workers aren't invited to the wedding skip the bachelorette party invites!)

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