Thursday, April 8, 2010

Uneven Bridal Party

Is the bridal party you're in evenly matched? In the past it was very common to hear a bride complain to a friend that she would have invited the friend but then the "numbers" would be uneven.  However, this is changing.  According to research by My Wedding Workbook 21.1% of brides said they plan to have four bridesmaids and 20.4% said they'll have four groomsmen while 16.2% said they'll have five groomsmen, and 15.3% five bridesmaids.

The difference in number was slight which indicates that most mismatching brides are usually only one or two people off from having correlating numbers of aisle mates. It's still rare to see eight bridesmaids and two groomsmen.  The mismatched bridesmaid to groomsmen ratio that proved most popular was 5:4. 

While symmetrical bridal parties are still the most popular, brides are definitely having new twists on wedding traditions.  

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