Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses-Too Tacky to Believe!

Wow-when we first stumbled across Tackyweddings, we almost thought we were in heaven. Honestly, no dress that your bride has paraded in front of you at David's Bridal can even come close to these beauties.

 (Image found here)
 Wow-just wow. It's every little girl's dream to look like Barbie but who knew she wanted all of her friends to parade in two-piece ballgowns too? 

(Image found here)
Nothing says classy like bright orange showgirl costumes.  Nothing!

(Image found here)

A picture does speak more loudly than words...I mean, how is this wedding not taking place in Elvis's chapel in Vegas?

To see even more of these ugly bridesmaid dresses head over to Tacky Weddings.

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AZ in August said...

Wow, that is all. There are no more words.