Monday, May 3, 2010

Bachelorette Party Ideas: The Ugly Dress Party

Love this idea that a recent bride had-get all of your friends to wear the tackiest, ugliest wedding gowns you can find for a "Let's re-imagine these ugly dresses party!"The ladies then tried-on, shredded, sewed, hot-glued and drew on the dresses-anything to make them somewhat wearable again.  Sort of like Project Runway in the bride's living room.  Then of course the bachelorette festivities continued and the ladies made their way to a few bars in downtown Austin all wearing their outfits. 

If you want to recreate this, it's fairly easy:
  • Get a bunch of wedding dresses. Try ebay (search for 80's or 70's wedding gowns) or local Goodwill or thrift stores.
  • Have plenty of craft supplies so the girls can re-imagine their dresses. Think scissors, sewing machines,  hot glue guns, iron-on crystals, etc-be creative!

Another version of this idea is the 27 Dresses (or wear your old or ugly bridesmaid dress) party. Tell all of the guests to wear an old bridesmaid dress. You can order a bunch of old bridesmaid dresses from ebay (try searching for 80's prom dresses too.) Tip-you might want to provide old prom gowns or suggest old prom dresses for guests who haven't been in any weddings or who are planning on wearing dresses from weddings they've been in where the bride is also going to be a guest.

Afterwards, you could stay in for the night or head out on the town dressed as brides or bridesmaids.

Be sure to take plenty of photos. The ones from Katie's 27 Dresses Bachelorette Party look like Katie could be a movie star.


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Nadine - Bachelorette Party Planner said...

So fun! I've always wondered how bridesmaid dresses manage to look like high school prom dresses. =) Why is that? Ruffles anyone?