Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coffee & Tea Tasting Bridal Shower

What a great idea for a brunch shower- a coffee and tea tasting.  The City Cradle did this wonderful shower using the theme "a perfect pair." A perfect pair coffee & cream. A perfect pair tea & sugar.  A perfect pair her & him.

For the tasting, they served a sampling of 2 types of coffee and 5 types of tea, all chilled and ready for sipping. For great iced coffee recipes try this one and try the iced tea recipes found here. (A sample menu: Thai Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea, Russian Iced Tea, Black Currant Iced Tea, and Iced Lemon and Ginger Mint Tea.)

They also served a brunch selection of muffins &scones which they wrapped in personalized pastry paper for an extra touch. In addition they personalized the muffins with the words muffins & tea on one side and A perfect pair written on the other. To make these she simply cut down parchment paper to an 8×10 size, made the word sheet to match, and sent the whole thing through an inkjet printer. 

As favors, they handed out custom pomegranate-green tea bags as favors to be brewed later that day. Each had a personalized label saying thanks and directions on brewing the tea over ice at home.

To top this shower off, there's FREE printable labels for the iced beverage bottles, the cups, and the tea bags.

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