Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DIY: Bridal Shower Scrapbook

Tina over on Elizabeth Anne Designs has a great example of a bridal shower scrapbook. With the shower invite, guest list, menu, list of games played, and extra pages for memories of the shower and guest's signatures, this post had some great ideas for what a scrapbook should have. Every bride should have one from her bridal shower (and bachelorette party!)

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alanna. said...

Love this idea! Scrapbooks are so sentimental!

I am throwing a couple showers for my sister (Getting married this Sept!), and for her girlfriends/lingerie shower, I sent - along with their invite - a single scrapbook page to each of the girls on the guest list. I included instructions for them to deck out the page with memories and wisdom for the bride-to-be and told them to bring their finished pages to the shower. I plan to assemble it and give it to her at some point during the shower. I know she'll love it, I'm really excited!