Friday, May 7, 2010

Bachelorette Party Ideas (other than the usual bar night out)

If heading to the local bar for shot after shot of tequila while frat boys and assorted "locals" cheer on, than have no fear-a bachelorette party can be just about anything. Trip to Vegas, a chance to dress up like an 80s star, karaoke...just about anything can pass as a bachelorette party. The key is to spend time with the bride and have fun!

Pick up some skills
Upgrade your cooking skills from Lean Cuisines to something actually home-made.  Head to a local cooking class or culinary institute to find out how to make just about anything-from fine French cuisine to the perfect cake. Or try a combo of hot music and cooking with DJ Chef-he'll show everyone how to cook up classic party recipes while playing popular tunes. 

Turn bushels of flowers into something worth displaying in your living room. Try make your own floral arrangement classes where guests will learn how to turn lilies and daisies into beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

Do your own version of Dancing with the Stars. Many brides and grooms take dance lessons before the big day but that's no reason why the bridesmaids can't take them too. Rent out a dance studio and get private lessons in your dance of choice-salsa, samba, hip-hop.  Now at the wedding you won't be embarrassed on the dance floor.

Drink like there's no tomorrow. Wine-tastings are great-you can finally find out the difference between Merlot or Shiraz.  If wine is not your forte, try beer, sake, tequila, or vodka tastings.

An excuse for a mini-vacay
Head to Vegas. Let's be honest-when we think of either bachelor or bachelorette parties we think of Sin City. Spend a few days gambling and drinking and doing your own recreation of The Hangover.

Pretend you're back at summer camp. Head to places like Club Getaway where for a weekend you and the gals can choose from a whole camp style menu-rock climbing, trapeze, archery, arts & crafts, and a whole lot more.

Be entertained
Play Whodunit. Head to your local murder mystery theater for some rousing entertainment and pretend you're Monk or anyone from CIS. Some theaters also have weekend performances where the mystery goes on for a few days. You can also have your own mystery dinner with a down-loadable package like ones found here.

Karaoke. 'Nuff said-it's a traditional bachelorette classic for good reason. Find out just how bad the bride is at both Journey and Lady Gaga impersonations.

Laugh for hours. Comedy clubs are great girls nights out and even better for bachelorette parties. Don't worry about seeing a headliner-local comics can be just as good.

Dress ridiculous. Make your silk fuschia gowns look much better by comparison when you have an Ugly Dress Party.  Have everyone dress in either wedding gowns or old bridesmaid dresses.

The girlie girl
Be pampered. Head to a spa for some well-deserved massages, manis, and pedis. Or have the spa come to you with mobile spas that will do manicures, hair styles, or spray tans at your house. 

Make like your six again. Ah, slumber parties were so much fun when you were six-watching your favorite flicks, staying up late, eating tons of candy. Recreate it for us big girls with a girls night in.

Adventurous (in that way)
Become a pin-up model, if only for a night. Channel your inner Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese with boudoir photography. You'll get hair and makeup done and go home with a complete retro look and photos as a memento all while channeling your inner lingerie model, sailor, or nurse. Google group boudoir photography (if you're in Philly check out our post on Celeste Giuliano.)  

Give the bride new skills. "Classes" by instructors through Moxie in the City will show you and the rest of the gals new techniques in pleasuring men.  (Hmm, the bride can pick up some pointers!) 

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Some extreme outdoor parties would be a nice change up of bored angels and devils :)