Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can men come to a bachelorette party?

Bachlorette Party Etiquette
Q: The bride has several close male friends and some of the bridesmaids want to invite them to the bachelorette party. Do bachelorette parties have to be all females or can guys come?

A:  Bachelorette parties are typically all females and are used as a last girls night out before the bride becomes a Mrs. but of course parties can be different.  There's no right or wrong for the bachelorette party!

The bride decides who can come to her bachelorette party (or who gets invited at least.)  If the bride wants her closest male friends, her brothers, etc to be there, then she can definitely invite them. It's her party for her day after all!  Ask the bride if she wants her male friends there. 

There's different options for the bachelorette party:
-a girls only night out
-co-ed with the groom and groomsmen
-co-ed with the bride's male friends but not the groom

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