Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wishing Wells for Bridal Showers

What are wishing wells?
For a bridal shower, a wishing well is in addition to the main gift. Besides the main gift, each guest brings a small household item, with the value of the gift being around $5-$10. The idea is that these are items that are useful for the new couple, but that they may have over-looked in the wedding registry process.  

Keep in mind that wishing wells for weddings are different-wishing wells are often a synonym for card boxes and are where guests could give cash or money as gifts.

Will guests assume there is a wishing well?
Most guests for a bridal shower will assume there will be a wishing well. If a theme isn't specified the guests will assume it is a household wishing well.  However to be on the safe side make sure a wishing well is put on the bridal shower invites.

Does the wishing well have to have a theme?
No, it doesn't but many times shower hosts choose a theme to go with the theme of the shower and to give guests guidance in picking their gifts.  We've listed themes below. Remember when picking a theme that the gifts are expected to be low in price so make sure any theme goes well with a low price.

Are the wishing well gifts supposed to be opened at the shower?
Unlike the other gifts given at a shower, wishing well gifts do not have to be opened at the shower. (Think about it-how exciting would it be to see the bride open up oven mitts and batteries!) However, some hosts do put the wishing well gifts in a basket or so and have the bride go through it at the end of opening up her big gifts.

Do guests have to give a wishing well gift?
NO! There's no pressure on guests to give a wishing well gift. Many guests don't as they feel as though their wedding shower gift is enough.  However, a wishing well is considered appropriate and not considered tacky at all.

Kitchen-small gadgets, such as teaspoons, measuring cups, ice cream scoop, measuring cups, measuring spoons, pot holders, dish towels, and mixing spoons. 

* Bath-bath soaps, guests towels, or a night light.

* Lingerie-underwear or panties.  

* Garden-seed packets, gloves, hand tools, kneeling mat.   

* Tea Party-tea bags, strainer, tea cozy.     

* Travel-luggage locks, luggage ID, journal.     

* Handyman-screwdriver, hammer, duct tape.     

* Crafter- glue sticks, stamps and ink pad.   

* Beach-suntan lotion, water bottle, sunglasses.    

* Spa-votive candles, nail polish, lotion. 

* Lottery-lottery tickets.

* Charity-canned food, non-perishable food.

* Wine-wine charms.

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