Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Showers: Outdoor Garden Bridal Shower

Having a bridal shower in a garden is fairly popular.  Once you see this gem from fellow blogger RubyEllen you'll see why.

Decorations-When you host a bridal shower outside in a garden, you don't have to do much in extra decorations as this gorgeous outdoor shower found on Cakies will attest to.  The host  lugged some of her vintage cafe chairs outside and made some flower garland for decorations.
Tip: Want to make flower garland for decoration? Find out how to make it here.

Games-Instead of traditional games by itself, the hosts made a pinata for the shower, inspired by this one. However, this pinata was made with pages of a vintage book with some saying "Linda loves John" (the bride and groom) on some of the pages.
The guests then played the "underwear game." To play the game, each guests were to bring a underwear/lingerie gift that matched their personality and then  (the bride) had to guess who each underwear/lingerie gift was from. She did pretty well, but she did have 18 wrong guesses. The penalty for each wrong guess was one spin before hitting the pinata.

Favors-The host  made some red velvet cupcakes in a jar and styled it just like Martha adding calligraphy to the top of the jars.
Tip: Learn how to make cupcakes in a jar with this tutorial. Cupcakes in a jar make a great favor for many reasons-they're easy for guests to transport home and can be kept outside without worrying about bugs and insects getting to them.
 Want to see even more of this shower-head to Cakies.


Nancy said...

What a lovely garden bridal shower! I adore the Cupcakes in a Jar idea!

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jem jemmy said...

This was for my sister's shower in my backyard. Glad to see others enjoyed it.